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Actor, Producer, Director & Writer by profession

A renowned actress with about 23 films 200 TV soaps, pioneer anchor, model, writer, student leader, best cottonian Dr Akashitorais better known today as feisty social right activists, who rescue victims and give them a second chance of life.

Her popular tv show Ekanto Byoktigoto, Bijeta, jI kom xosa kom begged many award and applauded by public,

She is the first professional actor of North East to have been awarded a PhD for her remarkable thesis on Educated Housewives.

Daughter of legendary journalist Late Kamala Saikia, Akashitora so far is the recipient of awards like Ladle Media award funded by UNPF,
Best female journalist of the year 2014 by APKU Cabsford face of the year award 2005 for social contribution, Minds award 2015 for social justice.



Moonlight media award for best actress, Sahitya persona Bota and such many awards.

A Drama, Radio, stage artist Dr Akashitoras novel Nixidho is the 1st popular novel bestseller on LGBTQ, Her sequel Xei Prem has been a best seller for the last 5 years. Her recent bestseller is, MUR Priyo puruxbur Aru Itaydi, a compilation of her views on myriad issues.

An accomplished Academician , Akashitora has been a visiting lecturer to many institutes like AINE, RIST, GIT, and spreading spiritualism, meditation to many educational institutes

A brand ambassador to SOS during 2004, 2005, she has been selected for peace fellowship at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand by Rotary club in 2016 and successfully completed three months of professional course on Peace and Conflict Studies,


AROHA empire - A Production House

Aroha Empire is one of the leading production house in our coutry Since 2003 is the brainchild of Dr Akashitora whos known as wonder iron lady of Assam known for its indepth approach mass awarness media campaign and value based quality works.

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MY BOOKS - As Author and Writer

Dr akashitora is one of the youngest column writer in various daily like Ajir Asom, Jonombhumi, The Assam tribune, The telegraph and etc.

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