JTI GRoup is a premier travel group based in India that operates a number of brands, each of which exists to offer travellers specialised tours and services. JTI group is a recipient of two National Awards for tourism.

Eastern Odyssey Jungle Travels India Assam Bengal Navigation


River Cruises

Eastern Odyssey Jungle Travels India Assam Bengal Navigation
Our sister company that operates bespoke private and small group culture tours around India, with a special emphasis on Eastern India.

Specialising in wildlife and birding tours, Jungle Travels India has been introducing travellers to India's wilderness for over 28 years now.
Our sister company that pioneered river cruising in India. Go on one-week to fortnight-long river cruises on the Ganges, Hugli and Brahmaputra rivers.
Owned by JTI Group JTI Holidays
Diphlu River Lodge

Domestic & International Travel
Owned & Operated by JTI Group JTI Holidays
Our ecotourism jungle lodge located in Kaziranga National Park. Ranked as the #2 wildlife resort in India, Diphlu River Lodge combines comfort with class.

JTI Holidays is a premier tour operator, offering domestic and international air tickets, tour packages and visa assistance.
JTI Group Assam Bengal Navigation
Jungle Travels India Diphlu River Lodge
MV Rudra Singha Eastern Odyssey

Different brands, same family

Head Office : 3rd Floor, Dirang Arcade, GNB Road, Chandmari, Guwahati - 781003, Assam, India
P: + 91 920 920 0013

Branch Office : P - 474, Lake Terrace Extension, Kolkata - 700029




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