To empower the poor and marginalized, especially women,  to bring about social change in their status and transformation in society.



    To promote and form Self-Help communities of love, concern, thrift and solidarity among the poor, especially among marginalized women irrespective of cast creed or colour, whereby they become conscious of their collective strength / power to help themselves individually and as a group and to empower themselves economically and socially in order to live with dignity in the mainstream of society.


    The overall wider objective of MASK is  “to organize, establish, consolidate, carry out, maintain, support and develop social activities, economic development programmes, agricultural, environmental, educational and medical works aimed at the service of the people, in particular women, irrespective of race, community, caste or creed.

    Among the specific objectives of MASK the following are the more important objectives for achieving the vision, the overall objective and for fulfilling the mission:

    1. To establish a forum where in women can critically analyse their socio-economic situation and act as catalyst to bring about social change.


    1. To build up self-confidence and spirit of cooperation among women.
    1. To strive towards economic empowerment of the marginalised, in particular of women,  aimed at self-reliance and self-sufficiency,  by providing alternative livelihood opportunities through micro-finance and formation of  cluster of SHGs.


    1. To give special emphasis to the development and empowerment of tribal and adivasi women since they bear the dual burden of oppression, not only as marginalised Tribals, but also that of gender discrimination.
    1. To support the girl child education and equal rights of women.


    1. To make agriculture more viable, sustainable and economical
    1. To promote health and hygiene through trainings in herbal and home remedies


    1. To provide micro-finance facilities to SHGs to enable their members to redeem their mortgaged lands and loans from moneylenders and thus break the vicious circle of indebtedness the poor are trapped in.
    1. To link SHGs and groups to the Banks, Government infrastructures and other institutions for socio-economic development through micro-finance facilities


    1. To build the capacity of SHGs in view of making them self-sufficient and self-reliant in managing the affairs of their groups.


    1. To address issues of injustice, violence and discrimination against women and weaker sections of society to bring about social change.