About Assam

Rongali has become a brand, a product which defines harmony and development The Second edition of Rongali is planned to be an iconic product which can attract tourists all over the world to visit Assam and the entire North East.

This year Rongali will have the following features:


Destination: To promote Assam and North East as Tourism Destination.  Tourists, Tour operators, travel writers of entire country and abroad are invited to visit Rongali.


Culture: Rongali would showcase the composite culture of Assam comprising various tribes and communities and culture of various NER States.

Books are a very important part of culture of Assam. During Rongali an Exhibition of literary works of North East and outside is organised along with Book Adda wherein North East book writers would highlight their creations.


Harmony: Rongali means conglomeration of all colours.  Our attempt would be to bring people from all tribes, communities, religion to come together to showcase a composite region and to celebrate the togetherness.