Trend MMS

Trend MMS is a not for profit Socio Cultural Trust, engaged in promotion of socio-cultural activities. It is considered the biggest organization of the North East and have promoted some iconic initiatives of its own.

It has a team of skilled professionals best in the business and have successful track record. Some of its initiatives are:

1. North East Festival 2014, IGNCA Ground, Janpath, New Delhi, November 7-10th, 2014. This is an attempt to promote North East in Delhi to create awareness and to showcase its talents. This is considered biggest ever event of North East outside.

2. On 15th February, 2014 Saturday evening, Guwahati saw an unique event. Leading singers, actors, sports persons, politicians all came forward to promote Art of the region and for a cancer cause. Organised by Trend MMS, the socio - cultural Trust - Odyssey - An Exhibition & Auctioning of Art February, at Hotel Brahmaputra Ashoka, Guwahati’s leading citizens joined hand to promote Art Auctioning and Charity dinner for the first time. Work of leading artistes such as Nilpawan Barua, Nani Borpuzari, Kishore Das of Assam, S. Benedict of Meghalaya etc. were displayed and auctioned.

3. Colours of North East, Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai May 17, 2014. It was organised to create awareness about North East culture in Mumbai amongst top business persons and Bollywood personalities.

4. North East Festival 2013, IGNCA Ground, Janpath, New Delhi, November 8-9, 2013

5. Sankaradeva Movement in Delhi 2012, Bengaluru, 2013 and Mumbai 2014- SSM is an attempt to promote the legacies of Mahapurush Sankaradeva who was responsible for creating the social fabric of Assam. It got widespread attention all across the country.

Samannay - A musical journey of integration in various parts of Assam including Chirang, Runikhata, Udalguri, Tinsukia, Sibsagar, Jorhat, Nagaon, Guwahati etc. Top musical talents of various tribes and communities joined hand to promote harmony across the state. It was widely appreciated all around.